Rene Scherer Photography


The first camera I picked up was at the age of 15, it was a Yashica TL Electro X from my dad, manufactured before I was born. Little did I know the introduction to this camera would change my life. At the same age I started traveling the world and taking photos to remind me of what I have experienced on my journeys and to show to friends and family when back home.

Back then all I did was take snapshots, I spent my pocked money on film rolls and shoot... well mediocre images. The images I received from the labs, not worth further mentioning, helped me understand the basics of photography though and got the fire buring. At the age of 17 I moved onto a more modern film camera from Minolta and continued to feed my passion for travel photography by taking it to overseas trips like Canada, China and Australia. Still in school, art class introduced me to lighting but by then priorities had already shifted and photography became a spare time activity.

I concentrated on school, later on several jobs that didn't satisfy me until I remembered what I had a passion for. I managed to buy myself into the digital aera, got myself a Sony P8 point and shoot style camera, I still own in working conditions today.

Fairly late in my life I chose an education in interactive entertainment which served as a basis for digital content creation. I took on a job as a 3D Artists creating images on a computer where I gathered a lot of valuable experience in digital post production. From this experience I draw today to create what I love. Again years later I wanted to get serious and bought my first Canon DSLR and have stayed true to Canon since. Eventhough I now focus on food, products and people photography my interest in foreign cultures stayed the same and to this day influence my photography.


Photo by Michael Hirsch.